A Little Evacuation Couldn’t Stop This Celebration!

Hurricane Matthew not only impacted so many along it’s path, all of whom my love and thoughts are with, but it also but quite a damper on countless weddings up and down the east coast.

On a Wednesday afternoon I got a little message, a couple, who I would later come to learn are seriously the most genuine cuties, was having to scrap their huge wedding plans, move everything forward 3 days and pull of a little “I-Do” in 24 hours notice.

Well, they needed a photographer and I dropped all my plans a took a little trip the next morning from Wilmington down to Oak Island, NC.

Let me tell you, with all this family, couple, and their friends had been through to pull together this last minute celebration, there was not a negative vibe in the air. Instead I was greeted with the most loving of souls and enjoyed the sweetest show of love on the sandy shores of Oak Island.

With the evacuation of the island in sight (we were to be off the island in jus hours, a few VERY important family members unfortunately in the hospital due to injury, I knew I HAD to capture all the moments of this wedding. Every little detail, any but of silliness, the emotion, the love, the creativity. The absolute complete beauty that came to be. With the Windows mostly boarded and the access a bit rough, we found the light and all the natural amazingness that a beach wedding has to offer!

It may not have been the wedding you two planned, but my goodness, it was one heck of an amazing time!

Congratulations Emily and Jim, it was truly an honor to be their to capture your day!


Source: Kam Goodrich


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