A Welcoming Grin, Happy Tummy & Priceless Guidance

Oh my. I don’t even know where to start….

I guess the beginning would be a good place. Well, as I have mentioned in previous posts, I have dedicated a huge portion of my free time to learning, exploring and immersing myself as much as possible into discovering my way on this photography journey. Late last year  I was blessed enough to be faced with he opportunity to experience a 1:1 mentoring session with one of my biggest photography inspirations, I leaped.

Julie Paisley of Julie Paisley Photography  is beyond amazing. Her dreamy, light filled, romantic, swoon worthy, images have always been a guiding force for me. (Seriously go explore her art. It is show stopping.)

SO I was set to travel to a little place called Nashville Tennessee to meet, learn, and talk the ear off of this lovely lady! My first attempt to this “little town” was literally frozen to a halt, due to a bit of an ice storm in February. The city was shut down and there was absolutely no making it to her actual little town just outside of Nashville. (On a side note, I still made it to Nashville and enjoyed one heck of a girls weekend with my mom and sister-in-law!)

Let’s fast forward to Mid-August. I was Nashville bound again and filled with excitement, anxiety, questions… 

I arrived and Julie’s cottage, and sat in my rental car, reluctant to get out, filled with the nervous energy of a kid on the first day of school. What do I ask, what do I say, will she like me, am I good enough to be getting her advice and guidance?…  All of those thoughts were put to a halt when I looked up and saw her standing at the door, with that huge, true smile beaming at me. I knew right away, Julie and I were going to get along. 

It was the sweetest of welcomings, a delicious light filled cottage, a wonderful treat filled gift bag and even fresh baked cookies! As we talked for hours about everything imaginable, I was quickly at ease and filled with a new excitement for photography and the future. Julie is exactly who I expected, who I felt like I kind of, sort of knew from her posts. She is true and that means the world to me! Well I won’t get into the details, but lets just say I learned so much more than I could ever express and the mentoring talk and guidance was priceless. 

We chatted for hours and then took a trip down the road for lunch where she treated me to a true Nashville experience, the Famous Loveless Cafe. Can I just say … THOSE BISCUITS! Then back to the cottage for more learning & laughs.

As if the day could not get any better, Julie arranged for a couple to come for some live, hands on learning. I really wanted to focus on the flow of a couple’s session. I won’t say posing, because what I learned and experienced was so much more than that. It was such a delight learning from Julie about how to work with a couple to capture their true essence, their moments, their love. 

Oh boy and was I  in for a treat with these adorable two sweethearts. Their love glowed through every moment. They will be married in the Spring and I just can’t wait to see how Julie captures their day. (Seriously, I will be stalking her blog come late spring.)

Alright… Enough reading, I think it is time for you to enjoy the moments from the day, the details, the love, the guidance (oh and the cliche iPhone picture of me infront of the Loveless Cafe sign, Thanks Julie!)

Enjoy a glimpse into my 1:1 mentoring experience with Julie Paisley Photography. A day I will never forget. 

A little Stop at the Loveless Cafe, to make the tummy jump with joy!

And now, our amazing, engagement experience! Thank you Julie for sharing this with me!

Take a look at her page for this session through her Dreamy Film Perspective.






Source: Kam Goodrich


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