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Sweet Smiles, Soft Laughs & Puppy Dog Kisses!

Word to the wise…if you ask me if you can bring your pups to any session, ever.. you are going to hear me squeal YES and the result with be LOTS of puppy kisses mixed into your session. Just fair warning 🙂 These 4 sweet souls were such a delight & We had an awesome afternoon […]


January 11, 2016

Giggles, Graffiti & Great Memories!

I am just so lucky! No, seriously. I can’t even explain how amazing it is to spend an afternoon capturing a couple’s love. It is honestly my absolute favorite thing in the world to witness and be a part of… (aside from seeing happy doggies, but for the sake of this post we will assume that […]


December 8, 2015

Sunflowers, Park Walks & Bike Baskets

Can I just say, I am SO excited for this sweet couple’s wedding in June 2016! We had such a great afternoon exploring Maymont Park & Byrd Park for their engagement session. So many sweet giggles, soft kisses and big embraces. You would never guess it was the most crowded I have ever seen the park. […]


November 2, 2015

A Welcoming Grin, Happy Tummy & Priceless Guidance

Oh my. I don’t even know where to start…. I guess the beginning would be a good place. Well, as I have mentioned in previous posts, I have dedicated a huge portion of my free time to learning, exploring and immersing myself as much as possible into discovering my way on this photography journey. Late last […]


August 31, 2015

Salty Air, A Stunning Sunset & One Simple Question

Well, here it is! The blog I have been thinking about for WEEKS… even though the shoot was only a week ago!  As a photographer, when you have a couple’s anniversary session coming up, and the guy sends you a message saying he has some things to talk to you about for the shoot… Your […]


August 24, 2015