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For photographers, and creatives of all breeds… sharing your work with your peers to be judged, admired, critiqued and enjoyed can be a nerve-racking step in your growth. But it is oh so critical to the journey. Never letting yourself get overly comfortable, always pushing to try new things, capture new emotion. It is all a part of this beautiful path.

Shoot & Share is a community for photographers, to grow, share & learn together. Every year it hosts a contest for photographers and judged mostly by other photographers. This year over 225,000 photos were submitted from all over the world, into 25 categories. The judging is fun, addictive and anonymous. Over the last couple of months most photographers you know have been sucked into this inspirational process, sneaking away for a “few” votes a bit each day… and night. 

This was the first year I entered and I am so honored that one of my images made it to the Top 100 for its category! I also had some of my favorite moments from the last year place in the top 10, 20, and 30 percent! 

It is beyond such a inspiration and motivation to have my work with the mix of such AWESOME photographers. You all rock and I just LOVE looking at all the beauty created and captured throughout the year. Congratulations to every one who took the leap and shared their work. Let’s work every day toward the beauty we envision. 

And now the placing images. Enjoy!

Top 100..Placing 69th in the Details: All Dressed Up Category… This beautiful moment from a rainy day, yet oh so perfect wedding. Shot alongside Sarah Elizabeth Photography.

See all the beauty from this year at

Other Placing Images: 

Source: Kam Goodrich

Source: Kam Goodrich


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